7 Ways Power Washing Can Help You Prepare for Summer

Living in New England is a trip. We get the full breadth of seasons, from the gnarliest of winters to the most pleasant of summertime heat. All the while, us New Hampshire locals know a few things for certain: we appreciate the snow and the sun alike, and we always do our best to prep for the weather to come.



Everyone around these parts knows good and well how to winterize their lives. The snow tires come on, the skis come out of hibernation and the parka joins the pack once more. But preparing for the ultimate adventures of spring and summertime are just as important, and power washing is a great way to get things moving right alongside the blooming trees.


So what are the best ways to prepare for summer by way of power washing? Here are our top seven.


1.    Revitalize your local storefront with pressure washing.


After the long winter, many stores prepare to bring a shine to their stores once more. This can mean switching up what's in stock to adhere to the season, or even updating the playlist to give shoppers a more upbeat feel. Pressure washing helps address the exterior of the store, cleaning it up and making it feel new again.


At Aqua Environmental Power Washing, store fronts are just another part of our expansive expertise. Walls, awnings, signage and displays are all within our power washing repertoire, meaning your store will be dressed for summertime success in a breeze.


2.             Rid your walkways of the trauma of winter ice.



Strutting on sidewalks and walkways in the depths of winter can be a bit...daunting. Black ice deviously hides from sight with an effortless elan, and necessary salt tears up the hide of boots and shoes who dare walk across. But with summertime comes the opportunity for a fresh start.


We're able to power wash sidewalks and walkways, whether they be of the residential or commercial kind. This gives your space a refreshed appearance for the warmer seasons, and allows passers-by to stroll without the fear of falling or the worry that they'll mess up their brand new kicks. Moreover, the sidewalks themselves will look as good as new.


3.             Make your deck barbeque-ready.


If there's one thing everyone can understand, it's the joy of a summertime barbeque or outdoor dinner. The sun that wanes into a cool evening breeze, the enjoyment of an ice-cold beer or cocktail and—of course—the finger-licking food all make this a memory worth repeating year after year. 


Power washing from Aqua Environmental guarantees a clean patio or deck, ultimately leaving you the space to entertain to your heart's content. All that's left to you is the hosting itself, though with a blank slate by way of a clean deck, you'll be well on your way to the best grilling season in years.


4.             Bring a sheen to your roof once more.

 Hanging icicles, mud, snow and rain all put pressure on a roof. We think you know how valuable a quality roof is, and that replacing one is no simple venture. However, you don't have to accept this seasonal damage without question; we promise there's a better way.


Power washing your roof after winter finally ends gives a couple of benefits. The first is that your roof will look good as new, if not better. The second is that you'll reverse some damage done from the chilling weather, allowing your roof to live on for as long as possible.


5.             Clean up that fleet of trucks.


Most businesses don't halt in the dead of winter. Deliveries must go on, particularly during the holiday season that's defined by utmost consumerism. If that means anything to the pressure-washing community, it's dirty trucks.


The slush and salt of roads is bound to bring grime to a fleet of trucks at one point or another, particularly if these trucks are driving long distances day in and day out. Power washing cleans these vehicles right up, showing them the light of day yet again. Ultimately, it prepares them for a warmer (and oftentimes safer) season of driving, bringing zeal to both truck and driver alike.


6.             Remove rust after snowmelt season

Snowmelt season means wet and muddy, well, everything. During this time, cars, gutters, loading docks and anything with a hint of metal on them run the risk of rusting. Aqua Environmental Power Washing is here to tell you of a reliable and seemingly magical solution.


Many people aren't aware that power washing is a viable way to remove rust from a range of surfaces. It can make your home, truck or business look as good as it did before rust took over, and it keeps you from having to replace everything outright. Really, power washing is a stellar solution for rust as you gear up for summer.


7.             Clear out the gutters once and for all (until fall, at least).


Autumn is not the only culprit of a clogged gutter, even in the foliage-famous region of New England. In fact, a load of things can back up a gutter system, and leaves are just one of the many.


Melted snow can freeze at the root of a gutter, and with it can come salt, oils, dirt and debris of various kinds. When the snow finally melts for the last time of the season, all of this can remain within the gutter system, requiring a cleanout at the start of spring. Power washing is a fantastic, easy and quick way to tackle this problem. While you'll likely have to get back to the gutters by the time autumn rolls around, it proves an effective way to keep your gutters and your water system as safe as can be. Whether for residential homes or commercial buildings, a clean and clear gutter is a great way to welcome the warmth.