5 Tips to Winterize Your Home or Business

As New Englanders, we know how to deal with the changing seasons. One important transition everyone is thinking about now is the one from Fall to Winter. Being prepared for the Winter to come we know a few things for certain: its time to swap clothing in your closet and what isn’t taken care of now will have to be dealt with in the snow. While people generally have their winterization schedules down to a science there are a few things that most people forget about. Here are five things homeowners and business owners alike should be thinking about as we transition into the Winter months. 



Storing Equipment

Whether you’re a home or business-owner, chances are you own equipment used to maintain your space. Lawnmowers, rakes, edgers and other outdoor tools should never be put away with last year’s grass, dirt and debris on them. Getting your equipment clean before storing them for the winter can extend the life and prevent disrepair, saving money in the long-term. This also applies for larger vehicles and tools, as well as commercial fleets like vans, tractors and other utility vehicles.



Exfoliating Exteriors

Take a walk around the exterior of your home. 

Is there creeping mold and mildew on siding from the wet and warm Summer months? Maybe the walkways and sideways around your space need a refresh before the snow flies. Getting rid of the moss build up can make shoveling and other forms of snow removal that much easier and safer. Aqua Environmental provides washing options for all different types of exteriors including vinyl, brick and natural wood siding. 



Gutting the Gutters

October and November are the perfect time to start your home’s winterization process. It’s nice enough outside to actually get the work done before the howling Winter winds blow through. One important structural component of any home or building is its gutters. Helping redirect water from walls and roofs, gutters play an integral role year round, but in the Winter most of all. Avoid ice dams and costly damage to your home or business by removing debris and overgrowth now. Aqua Environmental’s power wash systems can tackle any structure with ease, so you don’t have to. 

mildewy deck before power washing

Helping Out Decks 

More than likely, if you used your deck this season, it could use a little love. Dirt, grime, and weather can eat away at your deck, leaving unsightly mold and mildew causing damage and safety hazards when the snow hits. Deliver your deck the restoration it needs before the snow buries it so you can enjoy it again next year. Avoid damaging your decks with potentially harmful


Don’t Forget Your Driveway!

One thing every New Englander deals with is frost heaves. The freezing of water or run-off of chemicals can cause your driveways or other paved surfaces to buckle and crack in colder temperatures, causing anything from minor surfaces cracks to major foundational damage. Protect you paved surfaces with Aqua Environmental’s power washing services, ridding your driveways of gas, paint and oil. And with our 500 gallon water recovery system, even remote areas can be properly treated before Winter.

 Whether you’ve lived in New England your whole life or just moved up here, think about what you can do now for your home or business now. Believe us when we say its a lot easier to deal with any of these issues before there is a Nor’easter over your head. The holiday season is approaching; it is time for parties and holiday events, but is your home ready for such an occasion? Let us know if we can help you and your home/business get ready for the upcoming holiday season.