Going the Extra Mile - Maintaining Fleets All Year-Round


Fleet maintenance can be one of the more difficult functions managers have to execute, especially during Winter months. Delivering packages, fresh food or beverages, or responding to customer service calls your vans, trucks and tractor-trailers require upkeep. Those vehicles though are often the first point of interaction your brand or business has with the consumer. The vehicles act in the same way as a mailer or advertisement would, representing your company’s image. That’s why at Aqua Environmental, we will work with you and your company to not only extend the life of your vehicles and equipment, but better promote your company’s image. 


Experienced fleet managers understand that there are always costs associated with maintaining fleets , but sometimes they overlook the importance of having a fleet maintenance plan that is scalable for their operations. At Aqua Environmental, we are able to service multiple rigs at multiple locations, meaning you have a hassle-free fleet maintenance plan at your disposal, that can scale as your operations do. 

Preventing Corrosion

During the Winter months corrosion issues can cripple fleets, causing costly damage to equipment as well as damaging client relationships your company has built through its consistency. Rust and corrosion can occur naturally over time, however during the Winter, New England road treatments with salt, sand and gravel can accelerate minor issues into costly systemic problems including but not limited to electrical and braking systems, as well as other exposed parts of the undercarriage and frame. Preventing that accelerated deterioration on both hydraulic and air brake systems not only prevents costly repairs associated with removing a rig from the road for service but provides peace of mind for your drivers operating those machines. A consistent cleaning schedule can also help reduce surface drag on rig; a small detail that can affect overall mileage especially in larger fleets. 


Experienced fleet managers understand that a clean fleet is more than just preventing damage to the equipment; a clean fleet can empower drivers and operators which directly influences their overall job satisfaction which can lead to safer driving habits and an overall better attitude when it comes to their work and the pride that goes along with it. 

Environmental Quality

One of the founding principles of Aqua Environmental is our responsibility to provide a state of the art clean, while protecting the planet.  Local, state and federal regulations (as regulated by the Department of Environmental Quality) are closely monitored by our company in order to make sure we are complying with guideline for environmentally safe and approved power washing practices. With our state-of-the-art technology we are able to offer specialized cleaning solutions that are designed to provide a deep and thorough cleaning while also being gentle on sensitive equipment, as well as the environment. 


Whether your business has just one truck that needs some attention or a fleet manager with dozens of vehicles in multiple locations, remember that Aqua Environmental can help provide a hassle-free, eco-conscious, thorough-clean this Winter to keep all of your assets (even drivers!) looking their best.

 You can find out more about our Fleet Maintenance services here.